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SUNOTEC booth at Intersolar 2024
SUNOTEC booth at Intersolar 2024

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SUNOTEC Shines at Intersolar 2024: Showcasing Unparalleled Positioning and Strengthening Strategic Partnerships

[Munich, Germany, 25th June 2024] – SUNOTEC, a leading provider of integrated solar solutions, proudly reflects on a successful presence at Intersolar 2024. The fair was marked by a strategic repositioning, engaging interactions and the formalisation of strategic key partnerships that underscore SUNOTEC's commitment to a sustainable future.

Visionary Innovations on Display

At Intersolar 2024, SUNOTEC's prominent booth became a focal point for attendees, drawing key decision makers and experts eager to explore the company's cutting-edge solar solutions. A centre of interest formed around the newly announced SUNOTEC Mounting Systems, engineered by SUNOTEC and produced in our own production facilities.

“The launch of SUNOTEC Mounting Systems at Intersolar was positively received by all our customers. It bears testament to our years of experience and their unwavering trust in our services and now our in-house mounting structure.” Bernhard Suchland, CEO SUNOTEC

SUNOTEC Team at Intersolar 2024

Key Takeaways from Intersolar Europe 2024

  1. The key takeaway from Intersolar is how uniquely positioned SUNOTEC is, standing unparalleled in Europe in terms of engineering and construction capabilities. Throughout Europe, no other company rivals our comprehensive and exhaustive service portfolio and innovative products, and in-house geological, mechanical, electrical and construction expertise, supported by our own machinery fleet, the largest of its kind in Europe. We control all aspects of the construction of large-scale PV parks, can bypass bottlenecks in the supply chain and complete projects in the shortest possible timeframes. These factors provide us a significant strategic advantage over comparable companies in the industry.
  2. The increased interest in BESS underlines the increasing market need for stable, consistent and affordable supplies of green energy. SUNOTEC is actively involved in engineering and building of BESS projects throughout Europe.
  3. Expanding markets into northern Africa and central America stood as a key discussion point this year. Understanding the medium to long-term orientation towards these emerging markets, SUNOTEC has already completed large-scale projects in key African markets and has initiated the first stages of further projects outside of Europe (e.g. Ivory Coast, 66 MWp by 2025).

    Strategic Partnership with Huawei

    In a significant development, SUNOTEC and Huawei Digital Power signed their third Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to deepen their cooperation in the supply of innovative and reliable energy storage systems in Germany. This collaboration aims to enhance technical support and project execution, marking the first phase of integrating energy storage systems into major projects across the country.

    SUNOTEC and Huawei MoU Signing Ceremony at Intersolar 2024

    Jim Lu, President of the European Region and Senior Vice President at Huawei Technologies, noted, "It is our great pleasure to sign the MoU with SUNOTEC to deepen our cooperation in the green energy sector, specifically for the development of energy storage systems. This partnership marks a significant milestone in our commitment to revolutionise the energy industry and drive sustainable solutions for a greener future."

    Bernhard Suchland, CEO of SUNOTEC, remarked, "This year’s Intersolar Europe offered a great stage to formalise our third Memorandum of Understanding with Huawei, strengthening our cooperation. Our partnerships, such as the one with Huawei, are cornerstones to empowering a zero-carbon world and underscore our standing in the industry as an integrated solution provider."

    An Unforgettable Evening with Bertrand Piccard

    One of the highlights of SUNOTEC's participation was the annual and exclusive Premium Dinner Event hosted at a pristine rooftop location overlooking Munich. A tradition started in 2022, we aim to gather those sharing our vision, creating an evening of networking, inspiration and celebration of our common goals.

    With over 200 guests gathered, the evening featured a keynote address by pioneer Bertrand Piccard, renowned explorer and advocate for sustainable innovation. Piccard's inspiring speech on sustainable innovation and the future of solar energy resonated deeply with the audience and aligned perfectly with SUNOTEC's vision: "Empowering a zero-carbon world with advanced solar solutions for generations to come."

    “The success of our event, the turnout of people, it shows not only our standing in the industry, but also that the partnerships we have with our stakeholders are a priority to us. This focus is what got us here. I would like to take the opportunity to thank every guest for their attendance and loyal commitment to SUNOTEC.” Kaloyan Velichkov, Founder and CEO SUNOTEC

    SUNOTEC Premium Dinner Event with Guest Speaker Bertrand Piccard

    Commitment to Sustainable Innovation

    SUNOTEC's participation at Intersolar 2024 and the Premium Dinner Event exemplify the company's dedication to shaping the future of solar energy. Our approach aligns with the principles of the circular economy, emphasising resource efficiency and sustainability at every stage of the project lifecycle. This holistic perspective not only maximises the value of our solar solutions but also contributes to a sustainable and resilient energy future.

    About SUNOTEC

    SUNOTEC positions itself as an integrated solution provider, offering turnkey solar solutions tailored to our customers' unique requirements. Our service and product portfolio, large in-house workforce and investment capabilities enable us to be at the forefront of the development, construction and maintenance of large-scale utility solar PV plants in Europe and Africa. Based in Sofia (Bulgaria) and Munich (Germany), the company currently employs over 1,500 people. With more than 580 solar power plants and over 8.2 GWp capacity built, SUNOTEC offers activated international expertise, and a lived commitment to resource efficiency and business reliability to all our partners.

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    Patricia Schuler

    Press Representative SUNOTEC


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    At SUNOTEC we offer expertly integrated solar solutions, activated international expertise, and a lived commitment to resource efficiency and business reliability to all our partners. ​Founded in 2012, the company has completed more than 580 ground-mounted PV installations with a capacity of over 8.2 gigawatts. SUNOTEC employs over than 1,500 people and currently operates from its offices in Sofia, Bulgaria and Munich, Germany.


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