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Bulgaria’s largest solar power plant Verila PV Launched Production

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Bulgaria’s largest solar power plant Verila PV Launched Production

The largest solar power plant built so far in Bulgaria - Verila (124 MWp), has officially launched production in June.

Verila PV Power Plant is located on the southern slope of Verila Mountain close to the village of Kraynits, near Dupnitsa, on a land plot of over 1300 acres. Its location at 700-1000 m above sea level on uneven terrain with steep slopes makes the project one of the most challenging and attractive in Europe.

The plant contains over 220,000 solar panels and over 4,240 tons of steel structure. During days with intense sunshine, the plant can supply with electricity regions like Kyustendil and Blagoevgrad. The installed capacity of the photovoltaic park constitutes 7%* of the total capacity built so far in this segment in the country. A team of more than 200 SUNOTEC experts was involved in the construction of the plant, which started in fall 2022.

„We are proud to make a vital contribution to Bulgaria’s green electricity mix by building solar power plants like the one in Verila,” said SUNOTEC Founder and CEO Kaloyan Velichkov.

*According to ENTSO-E data on the installed photovoltaic capacities at the end of 2022.





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