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A little sun for a big impact - SUNOTEC distributed over 1000 portable solar powered lights in Tanzania.(SUNOTEC press-photo)
A little sun for a big impact - SUNOTEC distributed over 1000 portable solar powered lights in Tanzania.(SUNOTEC press-photo)

Press release -

SUNOTEC´S Remarkable CSR Achievements in 2023: A Year in Review

Sofia, December 2023 – As the year draws to a close, SUNOTEC reflects on a year filled with impactful Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, demonstrating our commitment to making a positive difference in communities locally and globally.

Community Well-being Initiatives

Nourishing Hope for the Future: In collaboration with the Bulgarian Foundation Blagodaria, we have donated over 26,000 servings of food to communities surrounding Sofia. We are proud to support cooked meals for children in social homes and crisis centres. Regular visits from our employees to distribution sites honour our commitment to give back to the communities. This initiative aims to provide nutritional support to those in need, fostering a brighter future for the younger generation.

A Little Sun for a Big impact: Last year’s Christmas donation from SUNOTEC arrived in Tanzania. Supporting the Little Sun Foundation, over 1,000 portable solar powered lights were distributed to communities in remote areas. The lights supply a more sustainable and safer alternative to kerosene lamps, providing light after sunset. SUNOTEC hopes that this donation will go a long way, fostering more opportunities for young people in these areas.

    Health Advocacy

    SUNOTEC actively participated in the DAY OF HOPE event held in Munich focusing on promoting awareness for nature, environmental conservation, and climate protection. Jane Goodall, UN Messenger of Peace, biologist and active conservationist, was also on site and together we discussed what all of us can do to act and live more sustainably.

    Nepal Green Tara Foundation – Building a Health Centre in Chiulane: We contributed to the Nepal Green Tara Foundation's fund, designated to build a Nes Health Centre in the Village of Chiulane of the Tamang Community. This health centre, situated at an altitude of 1,700 metres, will serve over 450 homes, addressing crucial healthcare needs. Our endeavours with Tashi Tenzing - founder of the Nepal Green Tara Foundation and whose grandfather made the first ascent of Mount Everest - do not end here. 2024 will see further joint projects between the mountaineer and SUNOTEC showcasing the impact of sustainable energy.

      Sports and Athletic Excellence

      Bulgarian Triathlon Association - Supporting Athletic Excellence: SUNOTEC proudly advertised activities and products during three National Championships, including two state triathlon championships in Burgas and Plovdiv, as well as one State Aquathlon Cup in Byala, Bulgaria, supporting the Bulgarian Triathlon Association's pursuit of athletic excellence.

      CSKA Volleyball Club - Sustaining Sporting Passion: Continuing as a steadfast general sponsor since 2021, SUNOTEC contributed to the success and development of CSKA Volleyball Club.

        Youth Development and Talent Nurturing

        Football Club Murgash Academy - Nurturing Young Talent: Remaining a dedicated general sponsor, SUNOTEC supported the Football Club Murgash Academy, emphasising the commitment to fostering talent and promoting the growth of young athletes.

        Football Club Zenith Filipotsi - For the last three years SUNOTEC also supported the Football Club Zenith Filipotsi. We wish the club continued success in future endeavours.

          Circular Economy

          Material Savings – SUNOTEC's own geologist conducts detailed geological assessments prior to the start of construction to determine individual fastening depths. This personalised approach has led to substantial reductions of metal usage, especially considering the vast sizes of the PV plants.

          Rainwater for Cleaning Panels - We embrace sustainable practices by utilising rainwater for cleaning panels, implementing on-site clean storage solutions. This initiative aligns with our commitment to water conservation and environmentally friendly operations.

          Less Wear and Tear Due to Own, Modular Machines - SUNOTEC implemented innovative machine solutions to minimise wear and tear, contributing to sustainability efforts.

            "It is our responsibility to give something back to our community. Our efforts are focused on the future of society, on the next generation." Kaloyan Velichkov, Founder & CEO of SUNOTEC

            "Initiatives that support the sustainable growth, support and engagement of generations to come is part of our corporate philosophy. They exemplify the commitment in all aspects of our work." Bernhard Suchland, CEO of SUNOTEC

            SUNOTEC remains committed to positive change and eagerly anticipates advancing CSR initiatives in the years to come. We extend gratitude to partners, collaborators, and community members for their role in the success of these projects. Together, we aim for a brighter and more sustainable future.

            ABOUT SUNOTEC

            SUNOTEC is Europe’s market leader for the construction of utility solar PV parks. The company is based in Sofia (Bulgaria) and Munich (Germany) and currently employs over 1,400 people. As a general contractor, SUNOTEC offers the full spectrum of services to its customers: From the preliminary drawing to engineering, procurement, construction and final handover, including operations and maintenance – everything comes from a single source. With more than 500 solar power plants and over 7,2 GWp capacity built, SUNOTEC has made a significant contribution to a sustainable and green energy mix in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

            PRESS CONTACT

            Patricia Schuler

            Press Office SUNOTEC


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